hoya overtaking like a boss


Infinite MV Color Palettes: "The Chaser" (insp x)


Make me choose :: anon asked Hoya or Myungsoo body porn

taehyung and his little dance.

ljoe’s impressed by his member’s english; 2010 vs 2014

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Congratulations! ^-^
Hehe thank youuuu :3
make me choose
loljkilikeyoonamore asked you: L or Myungsoo


crabfinite (~ ̄▽ ̄)~

byeonji asked: NO DON'T CRY. I WILL CRY TOO i'm looking forward to it c: i would have deleted it but now i can use it so it's okay uwu my username is "missyupina" don't ask where i got this name it's embarrassing aaaah i'm proud of you!! it's always good when you keep on saying something. it shows that you know something even if you don't know much. just continue to talk ~ how was your math test? i hope it wasn't too hard :S (i never see it when you answer i'm sorry ._.)

Sorryyyyyy i thought i had reply you but apparently not ;; 
i will add you and send you photos hehehe :3

First, i would like to thank you from the deepness of my heart for your present. truthfully, i cried during your speech so i needed to watch it again to see your so pretty face :3 You are adorable, and i love you so so much. 
For my birthday i had a new laptop yayyyy i am so happy (because my old one was crashing) and a wonderful white guitar ** well, this was a wonderful birthday and you made it unforgettable. 
thank you

i have a new laptop so im gonna do cool things